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Strawberries at start of 2017 season
Strawberries at the start of the 2017 season

WE ARE PLEASED that you’ve shown interest in our group, the Chorlton on Medlock Allotment Society (COMAS), based in Manchester, UK just south of the city centre. It was formed in 2014 to turn any small plot of land into a productive site for vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Whether it be something you can grow on your balcony, your garden, the 25 allotment plots soon to be laid out in the neighbourhood or other parcels of land, there’s lots of potential to grow your own produce.

Some ideas for the society come from its Constitution:

  • To develop a community group, within the boundaries of the Solutions for Brunswick (S4B) Public Finance Initiative (PFI) area, which promotes food growing as a productive and healthy activity.
  • To work together as a community group to grow organic produce for the benefit of group members.
  • To encourage opportunities for social networking among, but not limited to, the gardening community.
  • To be used as a resource to help the wider community gain information about food growing.
  • To help more people learn about the process of growing and eating healthy food.

Other benefits

Greenhouse seedlings
Seedlings ready for outdoor planting
  • Exercise by digging, planting, carrying and general movement.
  • Make more of the environment productive.
  • Show an interest, care, concern and passion for the environment and so develop constructive feelings in oneself.

Looking forward

The neighbourhood is in the process of regeneration with building and landscape developments which will see a great physical change. By September of this year, 2018, there will be 25 'urban' allotment plots down Hartfield Close.

The allotments will be offered by S4B to local people. For COMAS members, they can make use of the training and experience from the meanwhile site and put it into good use on any allotments they may be granted. The meanwhile site itself will disappear to make way for housing development.