Who are we?

Member helping out
Preparing the raised beds

The group takes it membership from people living within the Brunswick (S4B) neighbourhood, but including any other homes not managed by S4B. It has a Committee with a Chair, vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to manage its affairs and has Committee and members' meetings.

What do we grow?

Items are intended to be eaten as part of a healthy diet, so we grow vegetables, herbs and fruits. There is a large range of vegetables available to grow in Britain and we usually sow or plant potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, broad and runner beans and others.

Where do we grow?

We are in transition at the moment. Packing-up and tidying the Meanwhile Site, we are preparing for the delivery of the new allotment site in September of this year, 2018. A future hope would be to find other green spaces in the area which lend themselves to cultivation.

We also encourage anyone who wants to grow food to come to us for tips or help get some raised beds in communal areas such as in the shared garden of multi-occupancy flats.

What else do we do?

We encourage people to learn about vegetation and how to best grow healthy food. We have a partner association Sow the City which offers their educational expertise to our members.

There are other groups around Manchester which offer fine examples of inspirational gardening and home-produced cooking. It is our intention to arrange visits for our members to see what these groups have to offer.

We strive to develop plots to grow vegetables in any green spaces in the area. this means working together with groups and landowners such as 'Friends of Gartside Gardens and Green Spaces', S4B and 'Ardwick Green Spaces.'