Our Sites

Hartfield Close Allotments

Our new site is now up and running, with access to water on site. People are starting to plant as it's now March 2019, while others are waiting for warmer weather before starting.

Any plot-holder can now use the polytunnel and greenhouse at our sister site, Elizabeth Yarwood Court, to plant seeds in relative warmth, ready for planting out later.

Elizabeth Yarwood Court

EYC Greenhouse
EYC greenhouse

We have several plots, a greenhouse and a polytunnel at this site.

Space is being made available on the shelves for seed beds and plant pots. as it's now March 2019. The plots are being weeded and prepared for the growing season. Some are already prepared with strawberries and raspberries.

Grosvenor Street Mill

We are working with a project at the mill which wants to grow plants and are encouraging its take-up.

Driveways and Balconies

We are encouraging people to make use of little areas of green around their homes. A raised bed and planter have already been delivered to two addresses and we are seeing ways of expanding this.