Our Sites

The new site

The new allotment site is expected to be ready for use in September of 2018. It's located off Brunswick Street, along the road by the side of Brunswick Church Sports Hall.

The site will consist of 23 plots, the plot size approximately 4 x 6m. In addition, there will be two raised beds for easy access to those with difficulty bending to the ground. The soil will be about half a metre in depth. There will be hard-surface paths throughout and good drainage from the paths. COMAS is looking to install a rainy day shed, which, as well as offering shelter, will have table and chairs, an electricity supply, and some storage room. Other amenities include a water supply, composters and recycle bins.

Currently, COMAS is working with the site manager, S4B, discussing allocations, annual rental charge, and day-to-day staffing and management.

The greenhouse

Spring seedlings in the greenhouse
Spring 2017 seedlings

This has been remarkable successful since its construction in 2015. It is proving to be a great incubator of seeds in trays.

Other sites

COMAS helps out at the raised beds at Elizabeth Yarwood Court, for the older residents to do some gardening. It has also provided a greenhouse. This has enthused some of the residents to grow a wonderful selection of food. No doubt Donna, the Court's Manager and Wonder-Chef, can rustle up some interesting hot meals and salads for the residents.

The Proud Trust have now signed over their assets at Elizabeth Yarwood Court as they are concentrating on other projects. COMAS will be looking after their allotment site from now on.